Student Welfare Nidhi

  • Late Smt. Mahdei-Manchan Devi Girls Welfare Nidhi

       5% seat free for girls students in B.A

  • Late Shri Bhai Lal-Ghunni Lal (B.L.G.L) students welfare Nidhi

       On the incidental death of parents, the tuition fee of respective student given by college.

  • Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam meritus students welfare Nidhi

       Free education for meritorious student of every branch.

  • SC/ST fellowship

    The objective is to provide fellowships in the form of financial assistance to needy and students belonging to SC/ST category to pursue advanced & higher studies.

    Furnished classrooms

    College classrooms are primarily used for academic purposes & opens during regular academic hours. This covers the time period 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, only during scheduled academic terms. (i.e. classrooms will not open during holidays)

    In addition to being used for regularly scheduled academic activities, the classrooms, as well as other facilities, are available for use by conferences, continuing education, recognized student groups, departments and organizations of the College, during term breaks, after regular class hours, and when not used for classes during academic hours
    NOTE: Food or drink are not permitted in the classrooms.

    Athletic Facilities

    Many of the athletic facilities and different sports facilities.

    Transportation Services

    There are Bus & Texi Transportation services are availble in near by areas (Terms & Conditions will apply )